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July 2019

Section 15 PRA Revisited - walking the tight rope between certainty and fairness

Date: Tuesday 23 July
Presenters: Lynda Kearns, Kevin Muir
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How to Run a Jury Trial

Starts: Tuesday 23 July
Presenters: Fiona Guy-Kidd QC and Craig Ruane
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Stepping Up - foundation for practising on own account

Starts: Thursday 25 July
Director: Warwick Deuchrass
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Residential Property Transactions

Starts: Monday 29 July
Presenters: Lauchie Griffin, Michael Hofmann-Body, Nick Kearney, Michelle Moore, Duncan Terris, Anita Wan
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Construction Law - update

Date: Tuesday 30 July
Presenters: Michael Taylor, John Walton
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August 2019

AML/CFT - high value dealers' regulations

Date: Thursday 1 August
Presenters: Henry Brandts-Giesen and Neil Russ
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Duty Lawyer Training Programme

Starts: Friday 2 August
Presenters: Various Local Presenters
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Date: Tuesday 6 August
Presenters: Michael Lenihan and Michael Harper
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Residential Property Transactions

Starts: Monday 12 August
Presenters: Lauchie Griffin, Michael Hofmann-Body, Nick Kearney, Michelle Moore, Duncan Terris, Anita Wan
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Legal Executives Conference

Starts: Monday 19 August
Chair: NZILE President
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Criminal Law Update

Date: Thursday 20 August
Presenters: Katie Hogan & Gareth Kayes
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Fees and Fee-Charging Practices

Webinar: Wednesday 21 August
Presenter: Paul Collins
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Litigation Skills Programme

Starts: Sunday 25 August
Director: Belinda Sellars QC
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Kua Ao Te Rā: Māori Cultural Development for Lawyers

Date: Tuesday 27 August
Presenters: Alana Thomas, Apimaera Thomas
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Strata Law - ethical issues 

Date: Wednesday 28 August
Presenters: Tony Hughes-Johnson QC
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September 2019

Introduction to Criminal Law Practice

Starts: Monday 2 September
Presenter: Brett Crowley
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Anti-corruption & Sports Law

Starts: Tuesday 3 September
Presenter: David Howman
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Unit Titles Update

Starts: Monday 9 September
Presenters: Dahl Calder and John Harkness
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Advance Care Planning - issues for lawyers

Webinar: Tuesday 10 September
Presenters: Jane Goodwin and Nick Laing
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Tax Conference

Starts: Thursday 12 September
Chair: Fred Ward
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Torts Update

Starts: Tuesday 17 September
Presenters: Andrew Barker QC and Prof Geoff McLay
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Trust Account Administrators

Starts: Wednesday 18 September
Presenter: Philip Strang
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Directors - breach of duties

Date: Tuesday 24 September
Presenters: Brent Norling, Michael Stiassny
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Claims on Trusts When a Couple Separates

Date: Wednesday 25 September
Presenters: Stephanie Marsden and Rhonda Powell
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Trusts for Company & Commercial Lawyers

Date: Thursday 26 September
Presenters: Stephen Law and Juliet Moses
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October 2019

Engaging with a Standards Committee

Date: Tuesday 15 October
Presenters: Julian Long and David Lucas
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Mediation Skills and Strategies - Civil/Commercial, Family, Education Disputes

Starts: Friday 18 October
Presenters: Virginia Goldblatt, MNZM, David Patten, Denise Evans
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Introduction to Civil Litigation Skills

Starts: Monday 21 October
Presenters: Roderick Joyce QSO QC, Sandra Grant. Nikki Pender, Paul Radich QC
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Construction Law - issues and opportunities 

Starts: Wednesday 23 October
Chair: Andrew Skelton
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Civil Electronic Casebooks - higher courts

Starts: Tuesday 29 October
Presenters: Bronwyn McKinlay, The Hon Justice Forrie Miller, The Hon Justice Pheroze Jagose and Laura O’Gorman
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Lawyer as Negotiator

Starts: Wednesday 30 October
Presenter: Jane Chart
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November 2019

Reading Accounts and Balance Sheets 

Starts: Monday 4 November
Presenter: Lloyd Austin
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Mindfulness - with Robyn Bradey 

Starts: Wednesday 6 November
Presenter: Robyn Bradey
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Family Law Conference

Starts: Thursday 7 November
Chair: Rachael Dewar
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Introduction to Family Law Advocacy & Practice 

Starts: Monday 11 November
Presenters: John Adams and Usha Patel
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Lawyer as Negotiator

Starts: Wednesday 13 November
Presenter: Jane Chart
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Environmental Law Intensive

Starts: Monday 18 November
Chair: Bronwyn Carruthers
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Commercial Case Law Intensive

Starts: Thursday 26 November
Chair: Jenny Cooper QC
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