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February 2019

CPD Top-Up Day

Starts: Tuesday 12 February
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No Will - an intestate estate

Date: Tuesday 19 February
Presenters: Theresa Donnelly, Henry Stokes
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Family Violence Legislation - phase one

Webinar: Wednesday 20 February
Presenters: Julia Robertson and Professor Julia Tolmie
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Franchising - key issues

Date: Thursday 21 February
Presenters: Sarah Pilcher, Deirdre Watson
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Duty Lawyer Training Programme

Starts: Friday 22 February
Presenters: Various Local Presenters
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Spousal Maintenance - claims against an estate & enforcement of orders

Webinar: Thursday 28 February
Presenters: Fiona McGeorge and Karen Pearce
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March 2019

Apartments - sale & purchase

Webinar: Tuesday 5 March
Presenters: Laurie Pallet and Claire Tyler
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Privacy Landscape - key developments

Webinar: Wednesday 6 March
Presenters: June Hardacre and Suzy McMillan
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Insolvency - recent developments & practical insights

Webinar: Thursday 7 March
Presenters: Marcus McMillan and Rachel Pinny
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Stepping Up - foundation for practising on own account

Starts: Thursday 7 March
Director: Warwick Deuchrass
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Duty Lawyer Training Programme

Starts: Friday 8 March
Presenters: Various Local Presenters
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Introduction to Company Law

Starts: Monday 11 March
Presenters: Rebecca Green, Sinead Hart, Ben Johnston, Andrew Leete, Raewyn Lovett ONZM, Olivia McGregor, Graeme Switzer, Daniel Wong
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Warranties - post closing claims on Sale & Purchase Agreements

Date: Tuesday 12 March
Presenters: Marika Eastwick-Field, David Raudkivi
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Health and Safety - recent developments

Webinar: Wednesday 13 March
Presenters: Greg Cain, Michael Hargreaves
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Parole Board Hearings - the lawyer's role

Webinar: Thursday 14 March
Presenters: Judith Fyfe and Sir Ronald Young
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Estate Challenges

Webinar: Monday 18 March
Presenters: Kimberly Lawrence and David Tyree
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Trust Account Administrators

Starts: Tuesday 19 March
Presenter: Philip Strang
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Lawyer for Child

Starts: Wednesday 20 March
Presenters: Hana Ellis, Wendy Kelly, April Trenberth, and Jason Wren
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PRA - key recent issues

Webinar: Thursday 21 March
Presenters: Sharon Chandra and Antonia Fisher QC
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Valuation and Expert Financial Evidence in PRA Cases

Date: Thursday 26 March
Presenters: Tony Davis, Robyn von Keisenberg
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Employment - investigations in the #metoo era

Webinar: Wednesday 20 March
Presenters: Emma Butcher and Andrew Scott-Howman
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April 2019

Duty Lawyer Training Programme

Starts: Friday 5 April
Presenters: Various Local Presenters
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Trust Account Supervisor Training Programme

Date: Thursday 18 April
Presenter: Philip Strang
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AAA Employer - the law firm as an employer

Starts: Monday 29 April
Chair: Susan Hornsby-Geluk
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May 2019

Introduction to Criminal Law Practice

Starts: Monday 6 May
Presenter: Brett Crowley
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Education Law Conference

Starts: Monday 6 May
Chair: TBC
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Human Rights Intensive

Starts: Tuesday 7 May
Chair: Paul Rishworth QC
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Introduction to Civil Litigation Skills

Starts: Monday 13 May
Presenters: Roderick Joyce QSO QC, Sandra Grant. Nikki Pender, Paul Radich QC
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June 2019

Advanced Litigation Skills Programme -  for criminal and civil litigators

Starts: Sunday 23 June
Director: Judith Ablett-Kerr ONZM QC
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