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Commercial Case Law Update 2024

Publication Date: 26-Jun-2024

Chair: Tim Smith Authors: David Bullock, Marika Eastwick-Field, Victoria Heine KC, Simon Ladd

NZ $85.00

Multiple Registration

Drafting New Trusts Deeds 2024

Publication Date: 25-Jun-2024

Authors: Greg Kelly, Kimberly Lawrence, Colette Mackenzie

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Judicial Review 2024

Publication Date: 19-Jun-2024

Author: Robert Kirkness, Sally McKechnie

NZ $120.00

Multiple Registration

Health and Safety Update 2024

Publication Date: 17-Jun-2024

Authors: Greg Cain, Sid Wellik

NZ $69.00

Multiple Registration

Introduction to Company Law 2024

Publication Date: 10-Jun-2024

Authors: Katie Green, Andrew Leete, Olivia Macgregor, Lisa Small, Graeme Switzer, Georgina Toomey, Kimberley Wong

NZ $180.00

Multiple Registration

Property Law Conference 2024

Publication Date: 10-Jun-2024

Chair: Kristine King Authors: Arti Chand, Sara Cheetham, Mark Colthart, Kate Dillon, Hamish Douch, Eleanor Elvidge, John Greenwood, Thomas Gibbons, Paul Hubbard, Peter Hunt, Simon Jefferson KC, John Land, Her Honour Judge Rachel Mullins, Matthew Ockleston, Beth Schutz, Rick Shera

NZ $230.00

Multiple Registration

Gift or Loan? 2024

Publication Date: 05-Jun-2024

Authors: Amanda Donovan, Ben Jefferson

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Elder Law Intensive 2024

Publication Date: 29-May-2024

Chair: Fleur McDonald

NZ $170.00

Multiple Registration

Environmental Case Law Update 2024

Publication Date: 27-May-2024

Author: Mike Doesburg

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

PRA - keeping ahead of the pack 2024

Publication Date: 15-May-2024

Chair: Isaac Hikaka

NZ $150.00

Multiple Registration

Winding up a Trust 2024

Publication Date: 08-May-2024

Author: Aimee Mitchell

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Arbitration and Access to Justice 2024

Publication Date: 29-Apr-2024

Authors: Lauren Lindsay, Ben Prewett

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Section 44 PRA - post Sutton v Bell 2024

Publication Date: 17-Apr-2024

Author: Samantha Wilson

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Update on Contract 2024

Publication Date: 09-Apr-2024

Author: Paul David KC

NZ $65.00

Multiple Registration

Section 21 Agreements in a Rural Context 2024

Publication Date: 04-Apr-2024

Author: Jeremy Johnson

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Trustee Decision-Making - the life cycle 2024

Publication Date: 27-Mar-2024

Chair: Greg Kelly Authors: Kimberly Lawrence, Kevin Lenahan, Colette Mackenzie

NZ $60.00

Multiple Registration
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