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Section 44 PRA - post Sutton v Bell 2024

Publication Date: 17-Apr-2024

Author: Samantha Wilson

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Update on Contract 2024

Publication Date: 09-Apr-2024

Author: Paul David KC

NZ $65.00

Multiple Registration

Section 21 Agreements in a Rural Context 2024

Publication Date: 04-Apr-2024

Author: Jeremy Johnson

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Trustee Decision-Making - the life cycle 2024

Publication Date: 27-Mar-2024

Chair: Greg Kelly Authors: Kimberly Lawrence, Kevin Lenahan, Colette Mackenzie

NZ $60.00

Multiple Registration

New Incorporated Societies Act 2024

Publication Date: 25-Mar-2024

Authors: Steven Moe, Sophie Tremewan

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Mainzeal - case law 2024

Publication Date: 20-Mar-2024

Authors: Sebastian Bisley, Tim Smith

NZ $60.00

Multiple Registration

Varying Trust Deeds Without a Variation Power 2024

Publication Date: 07-Mar-2024

Authors: Sharee Cavanaugh, Greg Kelly, Kimberly Lawrence

NZ $45.00

Multiple Registration

Tax Forum - investing in land & infrastructure 2024

Publication Date: 06-Mar-2024

Chair: Brendan Brown Authors: Vivan Cheng, Howard Davis, Savannah Feyter, Chris Harker, Kylie Harrison, Jayshree Khushal, Mathew McKay, Sybrand van Schalkwyk, Graeme Smaill, Barry Walker

NZ $160.00

Multiple Registration

Asset Protection Update 2024

Publication Date: 28-Feb-2024

Authors: Stephanie Ambler, Jennie Hawker, Mike Lennard, Timothy Orr

NZ $85.00

Multiple Registration

CPD Day Wellington - In-House & Government 2024

Publication Date: 23-Feb-2024

Chair: Jane Meares Authors: Bernadette Roka Arapere, Aedeen Boadita-Cormican, Tim Conder, Nick McBride, Suzy McMillan, Ruvin Pattiaratchi, Dr Karaitiana Taiuru, Louise Taylor, Diana Voerman-Tam, Hayden Wilson

NZ $80.00

Multiple Registration

CPD Day Wellington - General Practitioner 2024

Publication Date: 22-Feb-2024

Chair: Claire Tyler Authors: Jon Beck, James Mahuta-Coyle, Elena Szentiványi, David Traylor, Helen Tyree

NZ $110.00

Multiple Registration

CPD Day Auckland - General Practitioner 2024

Publication Date: 21-Feb-2024

Chair: Vicki Toan Authors: Emma Armstrong, Donna-Maree Cross, Emma Crowley, Theresa Donnelly, Zannah Johnston, Nick Kearney, Shelley Kopu, Zara Matheson, Alice Poole

NZ $170.00

Multiple Registration

CPD Day Christchurch - General Practitioner 2024

Publication Date: 20-Feb-2024

Chair: Jared Ormsby Authors: Alice Anderson, Shane Campbell, Stephen Caradus, Anna Fox, Stephanie Marsden, Yoonha Park, James Rapley KC, Nick Strettell, Maria Young

NZ $120.00

Multiple Registration

Managing Risk - conflicts of interest 2024

Publication Date: 14-Feb-2024

Authors: Michael Hofmann-Body, Katherine Mexted

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Advising Suspects in Police Custody 2024

Publication Date: 09-Feb-2024

Authors: Blake Dawson, Kevin Preston

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Construction Case Law Update 2024

Publication Date: 07-Feb-2024

Authors: Sam Holden, Richard Hutchison

NZ $45.00

Multiple Registration
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