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Managing Risk - conflicts of interest 2024

Publication Date: 14-Feb-2024

Authors: Michael Hofmann-Body, Katherine Mexted

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Environmental Law Intensive 2023

Publication Date: 08-Nov-2023

Chair: Horiana Irwin-Easthope Authors: His Honour Judge David Kirkpatrick, David Bullock, Mike Doesburg, The Honourable Justice Melanie Harland, Her Honour Judge Sheena Tepania, Her Honour Judge Alana Thomas, Davey Salmon KC, The Honourable Justice Christian Whata, Maia Wikaira

NZ $89.00

Multiple Registration

Commercial Case Law Update 2023

Publication Date: 09-Oct-2023

Authors: Sebastian Bisley, Tim Smith

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Judgments and How to Enforce them 2023

Publication Date: 22-Jun-2023

Authors: Toby Braun, Kevin Glover

NZ $45.00

Multiple Registration

Privacy Landscape - key developments 2023

Publication Date: 01-Jun-2023

Authors: Kate Anderson, Suzy McMillan

NZ $40.00

Multiple Registration

Administrative Law Intensive 2022

Publication Date: 23-Nov-2022

Chair: Grant Illingworth KC Authors: Paul Beverley, Hon Karen Clark KC, Dr Rodney Harrison KC, Amanda Hyde, Dr Dean Knight, Matthew Smith, Hanna Wilberg

NZ $120.00

Multiple Registration

Public Law - rights and obligations

Publication Date: 01-Sep-2021

Authors: Elana Geddid, Ben Keith, Matthew Smith

NZ $65.00

Multiple Registration

Employment & COVID-19 Vaccinations

Publication Date: 14-Jul-2021

Author: David Traylor

NZ $25.00

Multiple Registration

Judicial Review 2021

Publication Date: 24-Feb-2021

Authors: Robert Kirkness, Sally McKechnie

NZ $120.00

Multiple Registration

CPD Top Up Day 2020 - Auckland

Publication Date: 13-Feb-2020

Chair: Vicki Ammundsen, Authors: Michelle Bowen, Theresa Donnelly, Gareth Kayes, Andrew Knight, Stephen McCarthy, Richard Monigatti, Josh Muir, Mary Joy Simpson, Penny Swarbrick, Matthew Tetley-Jones

NZ $160.00

Multiple Registration

CPD Top Up Day 2020 - Wellington A General Practitioner 

Publication Date: 12-Feb-2020

Chair: Paul Barnett, Authors: Melanie Baker, Henry Brandts-Giesen, Tim Cleary, James Coleman, Warrick Hickman, Colette Mackenzie, Julius Maskell, Kalina Shipkov, Michelle Stapleton

NZ $120.00

Multiple Registration

CPD Top Up Day 2020 - Wellington B In-House and Government

Publication Date: 12-Feb-2020

Chair: Jane Meares, Authors: Katie Alexander, Lil Anderson, Greg Cain, Theresa Donnelly, John Marney, Associate Professor Grant Morris, Carolyn Palmer, Rob Pope, Greg Robins, Sarah Taylor, Rebecca Thornley

NZ $50.00

Multiple Registration

CPD Top Up Day 2020 - Christchurch

Publication Date: 11-Feb-2020

Chair: Annabel Sheppard, Authors: Trudi Aickin, Amanda Bradley, Stephen Caradus, Dean Kilpatrick, Anna O’Callaghan, Tania Reid, Nicky Robertson, Ingrid Taylor, Rachel Triplow, Ben Walker

NZ $85.00

Multiple Registration

Human Rights Law - new frontiers

Publication Date: 05-Jun-2019

Chair: Paul Rishworth KC, Authors: Martha Coleman, Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere, Toby Fisher, Catherine Fleming, Frances Joychild KC, Robert Kirkness, Austin Powell

NZ $165.00

Multiple Registration

Privacy Landscape - key developments

Publication Date: 03-Apr-2019

Authors: June Hardacre, Suzy McMillan

NZ $30.00

Multiple Registration

CPD Top Up Day 2019 - Christchurch

Publication Date: 19-Feb-2019

Chair: John Mackintosh, Authors: John Caldwell, Ranui Calman, Katie Cowan, Kathryn Dalziel, Juliette Derry, Katherine Ewer, Phil Johnson, Craig Ruane, Annabel Sheppard, Ingrid Taylor

NZ $95.00

Multiple Registration
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