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Section 44 PRA - post Sutton v Bell 2024

Publication Date: 17-Apr-2024

Author: Samantha Wilson

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Section 21 Agreements in a Rural Context 2024

Publication Date: 04-Apr-2024

Author: Jeremy Johnson

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Trustee Decision-Making - the life cycle 2024

Publication Date: 27-Mar-2024

Chair: Greg Kelly Authors: Kimberly Lawrence, Kevin Lenahan, Colette Mackenzie

NZ $60.00

Multiple Registration

Varying Trust Deeds Without a Variation Power 2024

Publication Date: 07-Mar-2024

Authors: Sharee Cavanaugh, Greg Kelly, Kimberly Lawrence

NZ $45.00

Multiple Registration

Asset Protection Update 2024

Publication Date: 28-Feb-2024

Authors: Stephanie Ambler, Jennie Hawker, Mike Lennard, Timothy Orr

NZ $85.00

Multiple Registration

Trusts Case Law Update 2023

Publication Date: 13-Nov-2023

Authors: Sharee Cavanaugh, Colette Mackenzie

NZ $45.00

Multiple Registration

Family Law Conference - Te Hononga 2023

Publication Date: 01-Nov-2023

Chair: Siobhan McNulty Authors: Her Honour Judge Jacquelyn Moran, Dr Sarah Anticich, Deputy Registrar Elizabeth Evans, Dr Hana O’Regan, Dr Philip Stahl, Hon Steven Strickland KC, Dr Phil Watts, Rachael Adams, Dr Annabel Ahuriri-Driscoll, Jane Argyle-Reed, Associate Professor Denise Blake, Dr Katy Brett, Jane Byres, Dr Jane Casey, Alana Crampton, Vivienne Crawshaw KC, His Honour Judge Lex de Jong, Her Honour Judge Michelle Duggan, Annette Gray, Mānia Hope, Jo Hosking, Jon Jarman, Professor Nicola Peart, Suzanne Robertson KC, Associate Professor Khylee Quince, Dr Leo Schep, Alice Strang, Kirsty Swadling, Samantha Wilson,

NZ $225.00
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Trustees - challenges of incapacity 2023

Publication Date: 25-Oct-2023

Authors: Aimee Mitchell, Rebecca Rose

NZ $49.00

Multiple Registration

Legal Executives Conference 2023

Publication Date: 21-Aug-2023

Chair: Carmen Franich Authors: Geraldine Biggs, Sandy Donaldson, Steph Dyhrberg, Emily Flaszynski, Riaan Geldenhuys, Thomas Gibbons, Ross Hurly, Kimberly Lawrence, Colette Mackenzie, Fleur McDonald, Her Honour Judge Rachel Mullins, Joel Murphy, Laura Murphy, Mark Sherry, Claire Tyler, Andrea Watson, Charlotte White

NZ $185.00

Multiple Registration

Section 21 Agreements - lawyers' liability 2023

Publication Date: 09-Aug-2023

Author: Elizabeth Heaney

NZ $45.00

Multiple Registration

Estate Administration - tips and tricks 2023

Publication Date: 26-Jul-2023

Authors: Theresa Donnelly, Henry Stokes

NZ $90.00

Multiple Registration

Trusts Conference 2023 - trusts in the spotlight

Publication Date: 26-Jun-2023

Chair: Greg Kelly Authors: Bill Patterson, Georgia Angus, Henry Brandts-Giesen, Andrew Butler KC, Shane Campbell, Te Aopare Dewes, Hayden Griffiths, Isaac Hikaka, Chris Kelly, Jeff Kenny, Kimberly Lawrence, Colette Mackenzie, Janna McGuigan, Juliet Moses, Jared Ormsby, Bethan Read, Royal Reed, Andrew Steele, Judge Damian Stone, Stephen Tomlinson, Emma Tonkin, Lynell Tuffery Huria, Israel Vaealiki, Katrina Wood

NZ $250.00
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PRA - keeping ahead of the pack 2023

Publication Date: 17-May-2023

Chair: Margaret Casey KC Authors: Emma Armstrong, Amanda Bradley, Sharee Cavanaugh, Isaac Hikaka, Kathryn Lellman, Colette Mackenzie, Stephanie Marsden, Zara Matheson, Stephen McCarthy KC, Jeremy Muir, Her Honour Judge Alayne Wills,

NZ $139.00
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Interface Between Trusts & The PRA 2023

Publication Date: 30-Mar-2023

Chair: Greg Kelly Authors: Sharee Cavanaugh, Kimberly Lawrence, Colette Mackenzie

NZ $40.00

Multiple Registration

Residential Property Update 2023

Publication Date: 21-Mar-2023

Author: Michelle Stapleton

NZ $35.00

Multiple Registration

Disclosure of Trust Information 2023

Publication Date: 28-Feb-2023

Author: Aimee Mitchell

NZ $35.00

Multiple Registration
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