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What Happens Behind Closed Doors: the workings of the Standards Committee

Recorded October 2019

A mockumentary in the genre of "What we do in the Shadows" featuring a hypothetical standards committee would make a great TV show. This presentation will not be comedic, nor will it feature vampires, but what it will do is give you a better understanding of how Standards Committees work - from the inside.

All the presenters are past or present lay, legal, and administrative members of Standards Committees. They will show you what they deal with each month. They will share candid reflections and insights into the complaint process, how it evolves from incident complained about, to the first consideration of it, the investigation that may follow, and ultimately to a Committee decision. The session will highlight the different ways many lawyers deal with being complained about: both the good, and the bad.


Practising on Own Account

Recorded November 2016

Are you considering Practising on Own Account, either alone or in partnership, in an incorporated practice or simply returning to NZ and considering your options but unsure of the process or if you meet the criteria?

Presenters: Paul Collins, David Murphy


Building Electronic Casebooks 

Recorded August 2016
The Court of Appeal is leading the move to electronic records and it is anticipated that a similar approach will be adopted by all the higher courts over time-  in both the criminal and civil jurisdictions.

Presenters: The Hon Justice Forrie Miller, Maryanne McKennie, Bronwyn McKinlay


Taking your research skills to the next level

Recorded May 2016
Securing the best results from your research is dependent on understanding the key steps to effective research. The goal is always to achieve better, faster and cheaper results. However, statistically most researchers fall short.

Researchers with over 25 years' experience share their knowledge to help you take your research skills to the next level.

Presenters: Robin Anderson, NZLS Librarian, Wellington & Julia de Friez, NZLS Librarian, Christchurch


CPD Reflective Practice

Recorded February 2017

The CPD Rules recognise that lawyers know their learning needs and will act to meet them. The Rules require lawyers to take responsibility for developing and maintaining a CPD plan. This includes undertaking, recording, documenting and reflecting on a minimum of 10 hours of activities each CPD year.

Presenters: Professor Neil Gold, Christine Grice


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