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Environmental Law Intensive

Publication Date: 26-Oct-2021

Chair: Maree Baker-Galloway, Keynote Speakers: Chief Environment Court Judge David Kirkpatrick, Professor Ceri Warnock, Authors: Rachel Abraham, Matt Conway, Tim Fischer, Horiana Irwin-Easthope, Gerald Lanning, Philip Maw, Daniel Minhinnick, Mike Wakefield, Maia Wikaira, Martin Williams

NZ $95.00

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End of Life Choice Act

Publication Date: 25-Aug-2021

Authors: Jane Goodwin, Nick Laing

NZ $35.00

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Rural Law - not just a walk in the meadow

Publication Date: 16-Sep-2020

Chair: Brett Gould, Authors: Scott Abel, Janet Copeland, Sarah Donaldson, Andrew Freeman, Olivia Lund, Lee Matheson, Phil Ome

NZ $60.00

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Urgent Changes to Overseas Investment Rules - protecting the national interest

Publication Date: 20-Jul-2020

Authors: Nelson Curry, Pedro Morgan, Vanessa Horne

NZ $40.00

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Construction - case law update

Publication Date: 19-Feb-2020

Authors: Anna Crosbie, Polly Pope

NZ $25.00
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Privacy Landscape - key developments

Publication Date: 03-Apr-2019

Authors: June Hardacre, Suzy McMillan

NZ $30.00

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Regulatory Roadblocks - Dealing with the Public Sector

Publication Date: 09-Apr-2018

Author: Setareh Masoud-Ansari

NZ $30.00

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Changing Landscapes - rural law in action

Publication Date: 08-Sep-2017

Chair: Susan Anderson. Authors: Lucy de Latour, Brett Gould, David Janett, Jeremy Johnson, Virginia Loughnan, Marianne Mackintosh, Hayley Moynihan, Sue Petricevic, Catherine Reid, Chris Spargo, Scott Wilson

NZ $145.00

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How to Run a Resource Management Case

Publication Date: 16-Jun-2017

Authors: Principal Judge Laurence Newhook, Bill Loutit, Marie Dysart, Stephen Quinn, Kitt Littlejohn

NZ $75.00

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Liability of Local Authorities

Publication Date: 18-May-2017

Chair: Duncan Laing. Authors: Helen Atkins, Bob Hollyman, Dr Dean Knight, Jo-Anne Knight, Austin Powell, Professor Stephen Todd

NZ $95.00

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Environmental Law Intensive 2016

Publication Date: 08-Dec-2016

Chair: Dr Royden Somerville QC. Authors: Heather Ash, Bronwyn Carruthers, Horiana Irwin-Easthope, Environment Judge John Hassan, Environment Judge David Kirkpatrick, Environment Judge Jon Jackson, Principal Environment Judge Laurie Newhook, Andy Reisinger, Christina Robb, Sarah Scott , Prof Peter Skelton

NZ $140.00

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Rural Law - the big issues

Publication Date: 23-Sep-2014

Chair: Chris Spargo, Authors: Elizabeth Toomey, Tony O’Boyle, John Adams, Jen Crawford, Murray Denyer, Fraser Goldsmith, David Goodman, Brett Gould, Lachlan Muldowney

NZ $90.00

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Update on Environmental Case Law

Publication Date: 13-Jun-2014

Author: Vernon Rive

NZ $35.00

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Environmental Law Intensive 2014

Publication Date: 16-Apr-2014

Chair: Derek Nolan, Authors: The Hon Justice Stephen Kós, Maree Baker-Galloway, Paul Franklin, James Gardner-Hopkins, Philip Maw, Vernon Rive, Lauren Wallace

NZ $95.00

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Exploration and Development within the EEZ - offshore oil and gas

Publication Date: 11-Mar-2014

Authors: John Bay, Robert Makgill, James Willis

NZ $85.00

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Statutory Interpretation - a 2012 guide

Publication Date: 01-Oct-2012

Authors: Ross Carter, Jason McHerron

NZ $85.00

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