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Tax Conference 2016

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Lindsay McKay 2016
Chair: Lindsay Mckay
Chair: Lindsay McKay. Authors: Vivian Cheng, Geoff Clews, Shaun Connolly, Ele Duncan, Richard Green, The Honourable Justice Rhys Harrison, Michael Heron QC, Helen Johnson, David Johnston, Dominic Lundon, Patrick McCalman, Mathew McKay, Carmel Peters, Susan Price, Neil Russ, Richard Scoular, Lynley Sutherland, Pravir Tesiram, Jarrod Walker, Fred Ward
Published: 2 November 2016
Pages: 260


There is no introduction for this publication.

Content outline

  • Foreign Trusts and New Zealand’s so-called “Tax Haven” Status
  • Legislative Developments: the “big” May bill
  • Audits and Disputes: the myths, the realities and the lessons to be learnt
  • Developments in Tax Avoidance Case Law: a judicial perspective
  • Residential Property Sales: new tax measures
  • Tax Provisions in Sale and Purchase Agreements
  • Capital/Revenue: Trustpower, Vector and Other Cases
  • Permanent Establishments: what does the future hold?
  • Does Correctness Always Trump Process?
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