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Adding Value to Complex Subdivison and Development Projects

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Author(s): Malcolm Maclean, Ken Patterson
Published: 23 July, 2001
Pages: 114



The purpose of this seminar is to assist the property lawyer to add value to your clients' subdivision and development projects. With increasing deregulation of the legal and other professions, and the emergence of multi-disciplinary practices, there is both increasing opportunity and need for you to be proactive in adding value to your clients' activities. Subdivision and development obviously require all three of the "land, labour and capital" inputs into which classical economics divides the resources involved in human activity. With the labour component comprising all the human input into an activity (physical, mental and technological), we proceed from the starting points that:
  • by your legal training, including the analysis and definition of issues, you are well qualified to play a central and value-adding role in complex subdivision and development projects; and
  • the better you know and understand your clients' business, the more you will be able to proactively add value to what they are doing.

This is not to suggest you should become either the developer in the place of your client, or the project manager - unless the client wants such a role assumption and you are sufficiently experienced to do so. However, it does mean you can play a central and strategic role in the subdivision and development processes, achieving a more profitable and cost-effective project than would be the case if you did only the legal work when instructed to do so.

Content outline

  • Adding value to complex subdivision and development projects
  • Development team and project management
  • Timeframes for project implementation, and project contracts
  • Tax effective structures
  • Effective design and title choice
  • Project authorisations under the RMA - assessing the statutory and district plan requirements
  • The project and its design
  • Contracting into the project and managing risk
  • Getting what you need under the Resource Management Act, Building Act and Local Government Act
  • Conveyancing issues
  • The liaison between the developer's solicitor and the purchaser's solicitor
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