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Statutory Interpretation

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Author(s): John Fogarty QC, John Burrows
Published: 3 April, 2001
Pages: 62



Statute law has long since surpassed common law as the most prolific source of law. Statute can replace and amend common law; it can deal with subject matter far beyond the reach of common law; it is the instrument of government policy. It deserves study in its own right. We often neglect it.

This seminar concentrates on recent changes in statute law: in the way it is made; in the way it is drafted; in its format; in the way it is interpreted; and in the wider context in which it rests.


Content outline

  • Statute laws
    • Making acts of parliamlent
    • The presentation of acts of parliament
    • Interpretation
    • The Interpretation Act 1999
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