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Family Law Conference 2003 - raising the standard

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Simon Jefferson  
Simon Jefferson
Author(s): Alan Goodwin, Nicola Peart, Anne Hinton QC, Deborah Hollings, David Goddard, Maureen Southwick, Mark Henaghan, Hugh Fulton, Judge Jill Moss, Margaret Casey, Barry MacLean, Barbara Collis, Murray Earl, Peter Davies, Her Hon. Judge Dale Clarkson, Catherine Wi Kaitaia, Professor Paul Mullen, Sharon Opai, Nicola Taylor, Harete Hipango, La-Verne King, Stephen van Bohemen, Gavin Thornton, Mark Vickerman, Alan Gluestein, Isabel Mitchell, Jan McCartney, Emma Smith, Dr Danya Glaser, Denise Johnston, Janet Lake, Prof Sheila McLean
Published: 20 October, 2003
Pages: 419


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Family Law Conference 2009

Publication Date: 17-Sep-2009

Author(s): Nicholas Mostyn QC, Robert Hacking, Jane Hunter, Ian Kennedy AM, Kevin Muir, Allan Cooke, Sarah Lindsay, Deborah Hollings QC, Vivienne Crawshaw, David Dowthwaite, Claire Ryan, Dr Louise Smith, Professor Gordon Harold, Helen Cull QC, Stephen McCarthy, Greg Kelly, Nicola Peart, His Hon Judge Simon Maude, Her Hon Judge Rosemary Riddell, Geoff Harrison, Magnus Macfarlane, Maureen Southwick QC, Tony Lendrum, Jason Wren, Professor Mark Henaghan, His Hon Judge Peter Boshier

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Youth Advocates' Conference 2004

Publication Date: 09-Aug-2004

Author(s): James Johnston, Greg Hikaka, La-Verne King, His Honour Judge Becroft, Sonja Cooper, Neil Cleaver, Susan Howan, Alister James, Megan Jenkins, Gordon Matenga, Dr Gabrielle Maxwell, Doug Rishworth, Lance Rowe, Louise Sziranyi

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