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Evidence Act Potpourri for Criminal Lawyers

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Tiana Epati 2017 Fiona Guy Kidd 2017
Tiana Epati
Rishworth Wall & Mathieson
Fiona Guy Kidd
AWS Legal

Authors: Tiana Epati, Fiona Guy Kidd
Published: 19 September 2017
Pages: 40


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Content outline

  • Defence evidence – pre-trial statements, silence and the defendant adducing evidence
    • Comment on pre-trial silence
    • Comment on silence at trial
    • Adducing pre-trial statements and defence evidence
  • Co-defendants’ statements
  • Prior consistent statements – the continuing saga of s 35
    • Removal of the word “recent”- s 35(2)(a)
    • To the extent necessary – s 35(2)(a)
    • The timing of a challenge to veracity or accuracy – s 35(2)(a)
    • Forms an integral part of the events before the court – s 35(2)(b)
    • Consists of the mere fact that a complaint has been made – s 35(2) (c)
    • Judicial direction as to use
  • Visual identification – recent cases
    • When is it visual identification evidence?
    • Hearsay identification evidence
    • Timing of a formal procedure and circumstances to be considered for reliability
  • Voice identification evidence
    • Warnings – section 126 
  • Cut-throat defences – the rules
    • Co-defendant’s veracity
    • Co-defendant’s propensity
    • The right of a co-defendant to offer an effective defence
    • And beyond notice?
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