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Employment Law Conference 2010

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Penny Swarbrick  
Chair: Penny Swarbrick
Swarbrick Beck Mackinnon
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Published: 16 September, 2009
288 Pages

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Author(s): Penny Swarbrick, John Haigh QC, Kathryn Beck, Rick Bettle, Peter Chemis, Peter Churchman, Linda Clark, His Hon Chief Judge Graeme Colgan, Peter Cranney, Kathyrn Dalziel, Anthony Drake, Kylie Dunn, David France, Susan Hornsby-Geluk, Hamish Kynaston, Stephen Langton,  Aaron Lloyd, Sandra Moran, Michael Quigg, John Rooney, Paul Roth, Philip Skelton, Mary-Jane Thomas, Anne Toohey, Rob Towner, Joanne (Wattie) Watson, Helen White, The Hon Justice William Young

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Employment Law Conference 2018 - Employment Law in a Time of Change

Publication Date: 22-Nov-2018

Chair: Gillian Service, Keynote: Alex Hagan, Her Hon Chief Employment Court Judge Christina Inglis, Authors: Guido Ballara, Emma Butcher, Peter Chemis, Liz Coats, Janet Copeland, Peter Cranney, Jim Crichton, Cathryn Curran-Tietjens, Kathryn Dalziel, Maria Dew, Kylie Dunn, David France, Julia Hurren, Mere King, Hamish Kynaston, Jessie Lapthorne, Simon Laurent, Tim Mackenzie, Kirsty McDonald, Matthew McGoldrick, Fiona McMillan, Simon Mitchell, Samuel Moore, Emily Morrow, Peter Moses, Rochelle Price, Summer Pringle, Rebecca Rendle, Blair Scotland, Andrew Scott-Howman, Philip Skelton QC, Anne Toohey, Samantha Turner, Helen White, Marie Wisker

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Running a Personal Grievance Case

Publication Date: 15-May-2002

Author(s): Kathryn Beck, Penny Swarbrick

NZ $40.00

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