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Domain Name Commission - advising clients

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Brent Carey Dylan Connolly
Brent Carey
Domain Name Commission
Dylan Connolly
Domain Name Commission

Authors: Brent Carey, Dylan Connolly
Published: 14 December 2018
Pages: 33


.nz Domain Names are a popular way for registrants to conduct online businesses and create a distinctively New Zealand online presence.

The Domain Name Commission was appointed by InternetNZ to regulate and monitor the .nz space, to ensure that it is a level playing field for all those involved.

Over the years, as the number of .nz domain names has grown (the total number now sits at around 720,000), the work of the Domain Name Commission has continued to grow and develop as the space itself has changed.

No longer are we seeing .nz domain names being used only by those who are “technical”, we are seeing family run business developing their online presence with a .nz domain name. We are also seeing issues such as privacy, data collection, and complaints arising from the registration of .nz domain names, and their use.

One of the major goals of the Domain Name Commission is to ensure that the .nz domain name space is trusted and secure. As part of this, we continue to educate parties that are involved in the space on their roles and responsibilities, and provide transparency to what the Domain Name Commission is able to do in relation to:

  • How a domain name can act as an intellectual property asset;
  • Navigating the .nz Query service, search for domain name availability and registration records;
  • The .nz Dispute Resolution Service.

Content outline

  • What is a .nz domain name?
  • The domain name system in New Zealand
  • Who is the Domain Name Commission
  • Domain name registration data query
  • Individual privacy option
  • Role you may play when a client is placed into liquidation
  • Complaints and disputes
  • The process
  • Prior to lodging a dispute tools you can use
  • Lodgement of complaints - variety of forms
  • Mediation
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