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Doing Business in Australia

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Bruce Patterson Aaron Dearden
Bruce Patterson
Duncan Cotterill
Aaron Dearden
Duncan Cotterill

Published: 6 April, 2011
Pages: 171


This booklet is an introduction for New Zealand lawyers acting for people and businesses having a connection with Australia. It is aimed at lawyers who are likely to be advising clients who are or wish to trade goods and services with Australia.

This booklet is not a comprehensive treatment of what is a large and complex subject. It has been prepared for seminar purposes, and, for the sake of brevity, will contain generalisations without indicating where exceptions exist. We cover business establishment, corporate law, taxation, foreign investment rules, trade practice rules, employment law and various other issues which are likely to be of interest to general practitioners. Some important areas of the law and practice have received limited or superficial treatment.

This is an important topic for New Zealand lawyers because our clients are trading more and more with Australians. Our trade figures are reflecting this and our politicians are gradually but surely taking both countries down the road to economic integration. If our clients are to compete on this stage, then we had better be geared up to advise them.

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