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Structuring Relationships between Shareholders

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Paul ORegan John McCay
Paul O'Regan John McCay
Author(s): Paul O'Regan, John McCay
Published: 20 August, 2003
Pages: 47



Companies vary enormously in size and structure and yet are governed primarily by a statute which fails to differentiate between them. It is, therefore, quite common to see shareholders of closely held companies try and adjust the provisions of the Companies Act 1993 to suit their own needs. This is predominantly done by way of a company constitution, a separate agreement between shareholders, or a combination of the two.

Applying the age-old maxim that “prevention is often the best form of cure”, we will address some of the issues regarding the structuring of shareholder relations in closely held companies. It is intended that by exploring this often neglected area of business affairs, this seminar will help others to minimise the fallout from poorly structured shareholder relations.


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