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Personal Property Securities Act - getting started

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Author(s): Laurie Mayne, Rob McInnes, Steve Flynn, Mark O'Regan
Published: 14 March, 2000
Pages: 84


In this seminar, we will:
  • provide a brief historical background to the passing of the PPSA, including a brief description of the current law which it will replace;
  • outline the scope of the PPSA, particularly the new comprehensive concept of “security interest”;
  • explain the new concepts of “attachment” and “perfection”;
  • describe how the registration system will work and how the PPSA will affect financing transactions in the future;
  • summarise the rules for determining priorities between security interests in the same collateral, and between holders of security interests in, and buyers or lessees of, the same collateral;
  • outline the consequences of failing to perfect a security interest, particularly in relation to other holders of a security interest in the same collateral, purchasers of the collateral, and liquidators and other insolvency agents;
  • describe the way in which the PPSA envisages the transition from the existing law to the regime established by the PPSA will work in practice;
  • summarise the remedies provisions.

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