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Trust Administration - transition points & current practice

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Ken Lord 2017 David McLay 2017
Ken Lord
Partner, Parry Field Lawyers
David McLay
Barrister, Barristers.Comm

Authors: Ken Lord, David McLay
Published: 12 December 2017
Pages: 64


This paper is intended to provide guidance about current best practice in trust administration. It is intended to enhance knowledge of lawyers about good and best practice in the administration of trusts.

There are a number of transition points in the life of a trust and this paper considers the practical aspects that arise in relation to the following transition points:
  • Creation of the trust and becoming a trustee
  • Establishing the administration of the trust
  • Death of settlors
  • Resignation of trustees; removal of trustees; and termination of a trust.

Content outline

  • Creation of Trusts and Becoming a Trustee 
    - Creation of a family trust 
    - The trust deed 
    - The trustees
  • Beneficiaries 
    - The powers of appointment and removal of discretionary beneficiaries 
    - The powers of appointment and removal of trustees
  • Administration 
    - Decision-making 
    - Accounting 
    - Tax reporting 
  • Death of Settlors
    - Resignation of trustees; removal of trustee and termination of a trust 
    - the trust deed
    - retirement 
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