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Disclosure of Documents in Civil Litigation

Publication Date: 04-Dec-2020

Authors: Andrew Beck, Allison Ferguson

NZ $80.00

Multiple Registration

New Privacy Act

Publication Date: 18-Nov-2020

Authors: John Edwards, Joanna Hayward

NZ $70.00

Multiple Registration

Residential Property Update

Publication Date: 18-Nov-2020

Author: Michelle Stapleton

NZ $35.00

Multiple Registration

Tax - cross border issues

Publication Date: 09-Nov-2020

Authors: Leslie Prescott-Haar, Bridget Riley

NZ $60.00

Multiple Registration

New Trusts Act - are you ready?

Publication Date: 04-Nov-2020

Authors: Chris Kelly, Greg Kelly, Kimberly Lawrence, Colette Mackenzie

NZ $55.00

Multiple Registration

Criminal Law Symposium 2020

Publication Date: 30-Oct-2020

Chair: The Honourable Justice Simon Moore, Authors: Len Andersen QC, Kerryn Beaton, Colin Carruthers QC, The Honourable Justice Mathew Downs, The Honourable Justice Christine French, Professor Kris Gledhill, Elizabeth Hall, Emeritus Professor Geoff Hall, Annabel Markham, Chris Merrick, The Honorable Justice Forrie Miller, Julia Spelman, Litia Tuiburelevu

NZ $165.00

Multiple Registration

Employment Law - justice at work?

Publication Date: 22-Oct-2020

Chair: Susan Hornsby-Geluk, Keynote: Her Honour Chief Judge Christina Inglis, Authors: Darryn Aitchison, Her Honour Judge Kathryn Beck, Jordan Boyle, Greg Cain, Mai Chen, Liz Coats, Janet Copeland, His Hon Judge Bruce Corkill, Peter Cranney, Cathryn Curran-Tietjens, Kathryn Dalziel, Geoff Davenport, Judy Dell, Maria Dew QC, Kylie Dunn, Steph Dyhrberg, John Edwards, Dr Mike England, Debbie Francis, Frank Godinet, Christie Hall, Michael Hargreaves, Trisha Harrison-Hunt, Her Honour Judge Joanna Holden, Amy Keir, Mere King, Shelley Kopu, Hamish Kynaston, Stephen Langton, Alison Mau, Simon Mitchell, His Honour Judge Mark Perkins, Michael Quigg, Karen Radich, Annabel Shaw, Philip Skelton QC, His Honour Judge Kerry Smith, Penny Swarbrick, Nura Taefi, Mary-Jane Thomas, Michael Timmins, Megan Vant, Lucia Vincent, Ros Webby, Helen White, Scott Worthy

NZ $240.00

Multiple Registration

Parole Board Hearings

Publication Date: 30-Sep-2020

Chair: Sir Ron Young, Authors: Andrew Bailey, Hannah Bentley, Janine Bonifant, Sally Carter, Sue Earl, Judith Fyfe, Dr Peter Johnston, Topia Rameka, David Riley, Julia Robertson, Sarah Saunderson Warner, Dr Jeremy Skipworth, Dr Juanita Smith, Lucy Smith, Michael Starling, Neville Trendle

NZ $45.00

Multiple Registration

Trustees - challenges of incapacity

Publication Date: 24-Sep-2020

Authors: Juliet Moses, Rebecca Rose

NZ $40.00

Multiple Registration

Rural Law - not just a walk in the meadow

Publication Date: 16-Sep-2020

Chair: Brett Gould, Authors: Scott Abel, Janet Copeland, Sarah Donaldson, Andrew Freeman, Olivia Lund, Lee Matheson, Phil Ome

NZ $60.00

Multiple Registration

Tax Conference: Tax in the midst of global disruption

Publication Date: 10-Sep-2020

Chair: Pam Davidson, Authors: Matt Andrew, Terry Baucher, David Carrigan, Geoff Clews, Stewart Donaldson, Professor Craig Elliffe, Greg Haddon, John Hart, Helen Johnson, Lindsay McKay, Campbell Pentney, Casey Plunket, Dr Rhonda Powell, Tania Reid, Bridget Riley, Neil Russ, Martin Smith, Stephen Tomlinson, Karen Whitiskie

NZ $180.00

Multiple Registration

Class Actions

Publication Date: 09-Sep-2020

Authors: Chris Curran, Kirsten Massey

NZ $35.00

Multiple Registration

New Trusts Act - Disputes

Publication Date: 19-Aug-2020

Authors: Greg Kelly, Kimberly Lawrence

NZ $30.00

Multiple Registration

Body Corporate Governance

Publication Date: 10-Aug-2020

Author: Claire Tyler

NZ $25.00

Multiple Registration

Microsoft Teams for Lawyers

Publication Date: 05-Aug-2020

Author: Carlene O’Meagher

NZ $30.00

Multiple Registration

Mental Health Advocacy

Publication Date: 29-Jul-2020

Authors: Annette Gray, Louise Sziranyi

NZ $40.00

Multiple Registration
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