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Body Corporate Governance - Online CPD

Body Corporate Governance - Online CPD
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Online CPD Module

Presentation time: 90 minutes

The Unit Titles Act 2010 still has significant gaps which Bodies Corporate, Chairpersons and Committees need to navigate with care. A strong working knowledge of the body corporate governance regime is essential.

While legislating some governance matters, the Unit Titles Act 2010 still has significant gaps which Bodies Corporate, Chairpersons and Committees need to navigate with care, particularly as they may have personal liability when they get things wrong. Getting the process right to ensure decisions and levies are enforceable is essential, particularly when Body Corporate projects can involve significant sums. Compliance with the Act and filling the gaps with practical best practice provides a pathway to good governance.

This module will include:

  • Unit Titles Act governance requirements
  • Recent governance case law
  • Ways to address governance gaps in the legislation – including conflicts of interest, quorum, proxy farming, handling funds and delegation issues
  • Practical tips for Bodies Corporate, Chairpersons, Committees, Body Corporate Managers and their lawyers.

Learning objectives

After this module you will have:

  • Knowledge of the origins of costs.
  • An awareness of the relationship between costs and access to justice.
  • An understanding of the general approach to costs both in originating proceedings and on appeal.
  • An awareness of specific costs issues and how to approach them.

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Authors: Liza Fry-Irvine, Joanna Pidgeon
Published: 20 September 2016
Pages: 69


The Oxford English Dictionary defines “governance” as “the action or manner of governing a state, organisation etc”. The Unit Titles Act 2010 (Act) and Unit Titles Regulations 2010 (Regulations) lay down the actions required to govern a Body Corporate, but it can be the manner in which those actions are carried out that can be the key to the smooth running of a Body Corporate, particularly when difficult and significant decisions need to be made.

Good governance can be described as following the rule of law, while being accountable, transparent, responsive and inclusive.1 Once a delegation of power has occurred there is a tension between getting on with administering a Body Corporate and ensuring that the Committee has the mandate to take action on behalf of the Body Corporate. This paper aims to equip legal practitioners and those in the wider unit title industry with an understanding of the law, the relevant case law (where available), and practical tips to fill the legislation gaps in order to achieve good Body Corporate governance and accountability.

This paper separates Body Corporate governance into the following parts:
  • Body Corporate’s powers and duties
  • Body Corporate General Meetings
  • Body Corporate Chairperson and Committees
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Committee Liability
  • Entering into obligations
  • Owners’ Register
  • Financial Management

Before proceeding, it is important to note that the Act and Regulations must be reviewed together when identifying and applying Body Corporate governance processes. Errors will occur if the Act is read without the Regulations at hand, and vice versa.

All footnotes refer to the Unit Titles Act 2010 or the Unit Title Regulations 2011, unless stated otherwise.


1 http://www.goodgovernance.org.au.

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Body Corporate Governance - Online CPD

Publication Date: 20-Sep-2016

Author: Liza Fry-Irvine, Joanna Pidgeon

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