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Trusts Conference 2023 - trusts in the spotlight

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Chair: Greg Kelly
Greg Kelly Trust Law

Chair: Greg Kelly Authors: Bill Patterson, Georgia Angus, Henry Brandts-Giesen, Andrew Butler KC, Shane Campbell, Te Aopare Dewes, Hayden Griffiths, Isaac Hikaka, Chris Kelly, Jeff Kenny, Kimberly Lawrence, Colette Mackenzie, Janna McGuigan, Juliet Moses, Jared Ormsby, Bethan Read, Royal Reed, Andrew Steele, Judge Damian Stone, Stephen Tomlinson, Emma Tonkin, Lynell Tuffery Huria, Israel Vaealiki, Katrina Wood
Published: 26 June 2023
Pages: 372


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Content outline

  • Trusts Act 2019 - pass or fail?
  • Case law update
  • When is a gift not a gift?
  • To remove or not to remove: adding and removing beneficiaries in 2023
  • The Trusts Act 2019 and wills
  • Trusts over Māori land
  • Trusts over Māori land and charitable status
  • Trustee indemnities
  • Reviewing trustees decisions: grounds, procedure, and accessing information
  • Taxation of trusts - recent developments
  • PSGE - why a trust is the preferred structure
  • Incorporation of cultural background into trustee decision making
  • Settlor wishes
  • The investment of trust funds and ethical investment strategies: law and practice
  • Trustees' conflicts of interest
  • Good deeds and charities - varying charitable trusts
  • Trusts and asset planning - latest trends/issues
  • Trust tips - a practical approach
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