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Engaging with Māori Business - the post-settlement iwi dynamic

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Tai Ahu 2015 David Jones 2015
Tai Ahu
Kensington Swan
David Jones
Kensington Swan

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Authors: Tai Ahu, David Jones
Published: 21 September 2015
Pages: 25


Engaging with Māori can become a complex state of affairs. However, largely as a result of Treaty settlements, Māori are now set to be a major part of New Zealand’s political, economic and commercial life. Whether we like it or not, Māori are key stakeholders and are now integral players in various public and private spheres.

The purpose of this webinar, and the accompanying materials, is to provide an insight into how public and private entities, from government institutions to private commercial businesses and entities, can better engage with Māori collectives. This can be a minefield for many entities that want to establish a relationship with Māori collectives or groups, or strengthen an existing relation with Māori.

Content outline

  • The advent of the Māori economy
  • Mandatory considerations - do you have to engage?
  • Non-mandatory considerations - should you be engaging with Māori?
  • Who do you engage with?
  • Marae based representation: Waikato - Tainui
  • Hapū representation model: Te Arawa
  • Hapū Cluster
  • Individual representation
  • How do you engage?
  • Options for engagement with Māori
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