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Torts Update

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Andrew Barker Prof Stephen Todd
Andrew Barker
Prof Stephen Todd
University of Canterbury

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Published: 27 June, 2013
Pages: 160


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Course outline

  • Tort and Its Relationship to Other Areas of Law
    • Tort and Accident Compensation
    • Tort and Contract
    • Tort and Equity
  • Negligence
    • Methodology of The Duty of Care
    • Leaky Buildings
    • Liability of Public Authorities
    • Liability for The Provision of Financial Advice
  • Vicarious Liability
    • Whose Tort?
    • Policy Basis
    • Personal Liability in Respect of The Conduct of Another
    • Relationships Giving Rise to Vicarious Liability
    • The Connection Between the Relationship and The Wrong
  • The Economic Torts
    • Allen v Flood and The Difficulties That Followed
    • New Zealand Cases Pre-OBG v Allan
    • OBG v Allan
    • The Reception in New Zealand Of OBG v AllanDiver v Loktronic Industries Ltd
  • Damages
    • Remoteness
    • Marlborough District Council v Altimarloch
  • Limitation of Actions
    • Accrual of A Cause of Action for Negligence
    • Latent Defects in Property
    • The Limitation Act 2010
  • Torts and Litigation
    • Representative Actions
    • Maintenance and Champerty
    • Expert Witness Immunity
  • Miscellaneous Developments
    • The Doctrine of Ex Turpi Causa Non Oritur Actio
    • Invasion of Privacy by Intrusion into Seclusion
    • Defamation and The Internet
    • Joint Tortfeasors
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