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Criminal Procedure Act Intensive

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Judge Bruce Davidson Hon Judge Chris Harding  
Chair: His Hon Judge Bruce Davidson
District Court
Chair: His Hon Chris Harding
District Court
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Published: 19 June, 2013
Pages: 290


The Criminal Procedure Act (CPA) 2011 represents the most comprehensive change in
criminal law processes in over 50 years.

When the CPA is read in conjunction with the Criminal Procedure Rules 2012 and the
Crown Prosecution Regulations 2013 it becomes abundantly clear that a sea change has
occurred in criminal law practice in New Zealand.

We do not adjust easily to substantial change particularly when it is imposed on us
without much choice. But it is here and arrives at a court near you on 1 July.

Like it or not, we all have to get used to it. For the profession, for you, to properly
discharge your professional obligations to the court and your clients, you will need to
know and understand it.

It will take quite a bit of getting used to. It will involve you reading the Act and the rules
in your own time. It will involve, inevitably, extra time and extra work. But there is no

Why is it a such a change? In essence because it “forward-loads” criminal cases. The days
of putting things off, avoiding the issue and delay won’t work anymore. (Yes, even for

We hope this day long intensive will help. But it is not a silver bullet. You will need to go
away from this intensive, digest the materials, read the Act and Rules and think about
how it will change your practice of criminal law. You will need to ask yourselves
questions like these:

  • What processes will I need to change?

  • What new processes will I need?

  • Do I need to up-skill myself on a computer?

  • Where am I potentially exposed to criticism of my professional standards?

Judge Bruce Davidson
Judge Chris Harding


His Hon Judge Bruce Davidson, His Hon Judge Chris Harding, Sandy Baigent, Tony Balme, Alison Hill, Jonathan Krebs, Mark Lillico, Brent Stanaway

Course outline

  • Overview of Criminal Procedure Act 2011
  • Details of Major Changes
  • Category 1 And 2 Trials
  • Category 3 Trials
  • Category 4 Trials
  • Appeals
  • Legal Aid
  • Criminal Procedure Rules 2012
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