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Retirement Villages - Occupation Right Agreements

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Katherine Wilmott  
Katherine Wilmott
Katherine Wilmott Legal LTD

Author: Katherine Wilmott
Published: 14 December 2018
Pages: 18


Many of your elderly clients are looking at alternatives to home ownership and residential care. Occupation Right Agreements have become the new catch phrase with developments
popping up all over the country.

When an elderly client couple arrives at your office all excited about the new development, they need your advice. “It is brand new, like living in a fancy hotel” says Mrs Elderly eagerly, “There are lawn bowls, a pool table, and a bar selling craft beer”, exclaims Mr Elderley, “There is no gardening to do, it was becoming far too much at home” continues Mrs Elderly excitedly “All our friends are there, we can go for coffee in the café”, she continues pointing at the glossy brochure. “We have discussed it with the kids” says Mr Elderly, “and they like the idea. Ummmmm, they don’t know about the family trust though.”

The clients are looking at an Occupation Right Agreement (“ORA”).

This paper will help to answer some of those important legal questions away from the glossy brochures, in plain English, so that you can advise your clients, in plain English.

Content outline

  • Lawyer's responsibility
  • Back to the basics of the ORA
  • Residents
  • Retirement Village
  • Ending the ORA
  • The deferred management fee - those scary figures
  • Accompanying documents
  • Family trusts and Occupation Right Agreements
  • Family Involvement
  • Good cooperation from Retirement Villages
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