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Building Act 2004 and Building Contract Issues for Lawyers

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Stephen Quinn Grant Wilson
Stephen Quinn
Phillips Fox Lawyers
Grant Wilson
Russell McVeagh

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Published: 12 April, 2005
Pages: 146


Seminar purpose
This seminar has a two pronged focus:

  • to review the Building Act 2004 (2004 Act) and its implications for lawyers and their clients;
  • to provide an overview of residential and commercial building contracts, and issues arising from them, as they apply to building developers, purchasers and tenants.

The new Building Act
The 2004 Act is, at least in part, a response to the problems with the design and construction of buildings highlighted by the so-called “leaky building syndrome” and the findings of the Hunn Report.
The stated aim of the 2004 Act is to get:

  • more clarity on building standards;
  • better guidelines as to how to meet those building standards;
  • more assurance that different types of building are undertaken by designers, builders and inspectors with the necessary skills;
  • more scrutiny of the building consent and inspection process; and
  • more protection for purchasers through the introduction of compulsory warranties.

The 2004 Act repeals the 1991 Act, but in doing so repeats large sections of it.

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