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Local Government Act 2002 - three years on

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Jonathan Salter Denis Sheard
Jonathan Salter
Simpson Grierson
Denis Sheard
Waitakere City Council

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Published: 11 September, 2006
Pages: 62


The Local Government Act 2002 made profound changes to the way in which local authorities were empowered to perform their general operational functions.
The first presentation of this seminar in 2002 focused on the changes made from the Local Government Act 1974,which was a cumbersome and, in places, confused enactment with many archaic provisions and prescriptions. The booklet for that seminar was therefore necessarily substantially narrative in character.

This booklet follows the original format but embellishes upon the original text to record changes made as a consequence of amendments made to the Act in 2004 and 2006. It also provides additional commentary, with the benefit of three years of practical experience of working with the Act, on some matters where originally perceived problems have not been such an issue but also highlighting other matters which have proved as a consequence of that experience to be somewhat troublesome.

As always in the preparation of a booklet such as this it is very difficult to know where to pitch the level and content of the booklet to appeal to readers. The booklet has been written so that it is in the nature of an introductory publication to the seminar itself where some of the key concepts and topics will be examined in much greater detail.

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