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Interviewing Children - the steps to success

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Chris Fogarty 2015 Dr Rachel Zajac 2015
Chris Fogarty
Cameron & Co
Dr Rachel Zajac
Department of Psychology
University of Otago

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Authors: Chris Fogarty, Dr Rachel Zajac
Published: 29 July 2015 
Pages: 36


Anyone who has ever asked a child “what did you do at school today?” knows that eliciting information from children can be a challenging exercise. In the legal context—where the stakes are invariably high—the pressure is on to elicit detailed, specific, and accurate information that will effectively inform legal decisions.

How, then, should we obtain this information in our professional dealings with children? In this paper, we answer this question from two distinct viewpoints.

First, we outline the consensus view from several decades of scientific research into children’s memory and narrative development.

Second, we consider the perspective of an experienced Family Court lawyer.

At the conjunction of these two viewpoints, we hope that you will find interview approaches that are both evidence-based and practical.

Content outline

  • The psychological scientists' perspective
  • The lawyer's persepective
    • Where should I meet the child?
    • What do I do when I meet the child?
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