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Insurance - New Challenges

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Neil Campbell QC 2015 Peter Woods 2015
Neil Campbell KC 
Peter Woods 
Anthony Harper

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Authors: Neil Campbell KC, Peter Woods
Published: 18 May 2015
Pages: 64


From an insurance perspective the Canterbury earthquakes caused losses of a scale, diversity and complexity seldom witnessed anywhere before. A wide range of disputes have arisen between insurers and insureds about policy response. Lawyers have had to analyse policies as never before, and apply them to circumstances for which there are few if any precedents.

This seminar deals with the main insurance issues that have arisen from the earthquakes, and what we have learnt from them. Despite the large number of proceedings that have been brought, relatively few of the disputes have reached the stage of judgment. This is particularly true of the disputes that have arisen in the commercial arena. For such disputes, some tentative suggestions for resolution (or for avoiding the disputes in the first place) are offered.

This seminar booklet is written by the two lawyer participants (Neil Campbell and Peter Woods). In the presentation we will also have contribution from an industry participant, Storm McVay, on the market changes and other challenges that have arisen from the earthquakes.

Content outline

  • Outline of cover
  • Making (and identifying the terms of) the contract
  • Claims management
  • Key coverage issues
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