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Legal Aid Review Panel Applications - how to increase your chance of success

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Julian Maze
Convenor of the Legal Aid Review Panel

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Date: 9 July, 2009


What has brought us to this?  You or your client will have received an adverse decision from the Legal Services Agency (“the Agency”). Through a grants officer, the Agency will have refused aid, refused to exceed the maximum grant, refused to fund an expert or perhaps refused to fund an appeal.  You want the decision reversed!

The aim of this seminar is to examine what options you have and to help you exercise the right option effectively.

The Legal Services Agency’s annual report for 2007 – 2008 says that it paid out $105M including about $57M for criminal cases and $30M for Family Court cases.  It will have been more in the last financial year. In doing so it makes thousands of decisions including those irksome adverse decisions.  The Agency’s annual report says it dealt with at least 83,000 applications for aid. In a normal year, however, the Panel receives only between 250 and 300 review applications.

Unpalatable as it may sometimes be, the Agency is very often right to decline an application for aid or amendment.  The Panel confirms the Agency’s decisions in nearly half of its reviews. Often, however, an applicant for aid or aided person could have achieved a different outcome.


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