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CPD Day Wellington - In-house and Government 2023

Publication Date: 24-Feb-2023

Chair: Jane Meares Authors: Debra Angus, Gillian Blythe, Dr James Every-Palmer KC, Haley Farrar JD, Joanna Hayward, Amy de Joux, Mere King, Dr Dean Knight, Shelley Kopu, Steve Wragg

NZ $110.00

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CPD Day Wellington - General Practitioner 2023

Publication Date: 23-Feb-2023

Chair: Costas Matsis Authors: Chris Dellabarca, Caroline Hannan, Lynell Tuffery Huria, Kevin Lenahan, Michael O’Flaherty, Ruvin Pattiaratchi, Brittany Peck, Zoë Westlake

NZ $119.00

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CPD Day Auckland - General Practitioner 2023

Publication Date: 22-Feb-2023

Chair: Todd Simmonds Authors: Vicki Ammundsen, Donna-Maree Cross, Emma Crowley, Theresa Donnelly, Riaan Geldenhuys, Usha Patel, Christina Sheard

NZ $155.00

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CPD Day Christchurch - General Practitioner 2023

Publication Date: 21-Feb-2023

Chair: Katherine Ewer Authors: Stephen Caradus, Mark Lodder, Philip Maw, Steven Moe, Dr Rhonda Powell, Sophie Tremewan, Katherine Wilmott, Maria Young

NZ $120.00

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Criminal Law Symposium 2022

Publication Date: 04-Nov-2022

Chair: The Honourable Justice Mathew Downs, Authors: Kerry Cook, Mark Harborow, Dr Anna High, Katie Hogan, Zannah Johnston, Dr Brigit Mirfin-Veitch, Emma Priest, Iain Smith, Ruth Thomas, Sir Ron Young, The Honourable Justice William Young

NZ $180.00

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Human Rights Intensive 2022

Publication Date: 04-Oct-2022

Chair: Robert Kirkness Authors: David Bullock, Jenny Catran, Natalie Coates, Douglas Ewen, Jack Hodder KC, Paul Rishworth KC, Davey Salmon KC, Nerys Udy, Professor Jason Varuhas, Hannah Yáng

NZ $160.00

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Mental Health in the Criminal Courts 2022

Publication Date: 28-Sep-2022

Chair: Louise Sziranyi Authors: Kerryn Beaton KC, Grant Burston, Donna-Maree Cross, Dr Oliver Hansby, Robin McCoubrey, Ian Murray, Emily Pike

NZ $95.00

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Cell Phone Data in Criminal Cases 2022

Publication Date: 14-Jul-2022

Author: Dr A Sathyendran

NZ $40.00

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Regulatory Charges - Sentencing 2022

Publication Date: 01-Jun-2022

Author: Tim Conder

NZ $35.00

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New Incorporated Societies Legislation 2022

Publication Date: 26-May-2022

Author: Mark van Dadelszen

NZ $50.00

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Regulatory Prosecutions - Criminal Procedure 2022

Publication Date: 27-Apr-2022

Author: Tim Conder

NZ $45.00

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Health and Safety Update 2022

Publication Date: 30-Mar-2022

Authors: Greg Cain, Michael Hargreaves

NZ $40.00

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Criminal Law: Evidence Act Update 2022

Publication Date: 28-Mar-2022

Authors: Ian Murray, Anne Stevens KC

NZ $35.00

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CPD Day 2022 General Practitioner - Auckland

Publication Date: 18-Feb-2022

Chair: Todd Simmonds, Authors: Vicki Ammundsen, Vivienne Crawshaw KC, Donna-Maree Cross, Stephen McCarthy KC, Neil Russ, Penny Swarbrick, Matthew Tetley-Jones

NZ $90.00

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CPD Day 2022 In House & Government - Wellington

Publication Date: 17-Feb-2022

Chair: Jane Meares Authors: Greg Cain, Elana Geddis, Michael Hargreaves, Aaron Jordan, Philip Maw, Val Sim, David Traylor, Maia Wikaira

NZ $80.00

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CPD Day 2022 General Practitioner - Christchurch

Publication Date: 16-Feb-2022

Chair: Kathryn Dalziel, Authors: Dan Chisholm, Madeleine Hawkesby, Josh Lucas, Steven Moe, Rhonda Powell, Rachel Triplow, Maia Wikaira, Vivienne Zhang,

NZ $95.00

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