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Working with Chinese Clients

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Royal Reed 2017 Kate Austin 2017
Royal Reed
Prestige Lawyers
Kate Austin
Prestige Lawyers

Authors: Royal Reed, Kate Austin
Published: 12 April 2017
Pages: 31


If your law firm needs to engage with the growing number of Chinese immigrants and investors in New Zealand, it is important that you and your firm appropriately prepares to serve and manage your Chinese clients. Cultural and language differences will affect the way that you and your firm engages and advises potential and current Chinese clients.
This report will provide background information that will assist you when you engage with the Chinese market. In particular, this report will cover:

  • How to deal with Chinese clients in New Zealand, including litigation requirements, working with Chinese documents and communicating with your client;
  • How to advise your New Zealand clients wanting to go to China; and
  • How to position yourself in the Chinese market.

Content outline

  • Part I – working with Chinese clients in New Zealand
    • Managing procedural litigation requirements
    • Working with documents for Chinese clients
    • Managing your communication and relationship with your Chinese client
  • Part II – advising your New Zealand clients about their involvement in China
    • Due diligence on Chinese parties
    • Drafting and enforcement of contracts with Chinese parties
    • Engaging Chinese lawyers and law firms
  • Part III – positioning yourself for the Chinese market
    • Advertising in the Chinese market
    • Making your website Chinese-friendly
    • Socialising with Chinese clients
    • Gifts
    • Business cards
    • Going to China
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