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Earthquake Strengthening Requirements - impact on commercial buildings

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Paul Calder Karen Overend
Paul Calder
Duncan Cotterill
Karen Overend
Duncan Cotterill

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Published: 6 September 2013
Pages: 23


The current piecemeal approach to earthquake-strengthening requirements in New Zealand is giving way to a national policy.

The new requirements are likely to impose significant costs on owners of earthquakeprone buildings. Owners of relevant buildings, tenants and other occupiers, property managers and leasing and sales agents are all likely to be affected by the new requirements.

This webinar is designed to assist practitioners who act for owners or occupiers of buildings that may be earthquake-prone. It will be particularly relevant where practitioners are advising clients who are considering entering into the purchase, the grant of a lease or the renewal of an existing lease, of a building (or part of a building) that may be earthquake-prone.

This seminar assumes some familiarity with commercial leasing, but that practitioners are unlikely to be experts on earthquakes or the current seismic performance requirements. Accordingly, the first section of this webinar provides an explanation of some jargon used throughout the industry, the current legislative requirements and the background to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Building Failure caused by the Canterbury Earthquakes (Royal Commission).

The second section of this webinar considers the recommendations made by the Royal Commission and the proposals for legislative change by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The final section of this webinar deals with matters for practitioners to consider when acting for purchasers, landlords or tenants of a building that may be earthquake-prone.

Course outline

  • Background to the Changes
    • Current Legal Requirements
    • Background to The Royal Commission Report
  • Proposals for Legislative Change
    • Royal Commission Recommendations
    • MBIE Proposals
  • Things for Practitioners to Consider
    • Acting for Purchasers/Landlords
    • Acting for Tenants
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