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Coming to and Doing Business in New Zealand

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Paul Le Gros David McGregor
Paul Le Gros
Duncan Cotterill
David McGregor
Bell Gully

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Published: 4 July, 2005
Pages: 75


Generally most overseas clients will have previously travelled to New Zealand and made a lifestyle decision to either invest or settle here. Having lifestyle aspirations they will typically seek a rural lifestyle block, or be close to a National Park, river or the coast. Their business reasons are more secondary to their lifestyle and typically they will need to be an investor, or someone wishing to establish a business or obtain a Long Term Business Visa to carry out their lifestyle aspirations, some will come for education and environmental issues. Essentially you are advising these clients on:

  • The route to permanent residence;
  • Property ownership issues, business structures;
  • Tax planning issues;
  • Doing business in New Zealand;
  • Introductions to Accountants, Valuers, and other professionals

Typically overseas clients will have arrived with a visitor’s permit and selected a part of NZ in which they wish to live and establish their permanent base. Those wanting to establish a business in NZ as a route to obtaining permanent residence will either apply under the Long Term Business Visa (LTBV) or under the investor category which requires familiarity with NZ Immigration Services policy involving these two categories of permanent residence in particular.

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