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Proceedings Before the Coroners Court

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Judge Neil Maclean 2015 Fletcher Pilditch 2015
Judge Neil Maclean 
Fletcher Pilditch 
Richmond Chambers

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Authors: Judge Neil Maclean, Fletcher Pilditch
Published: 27 August 2015
Pages: 72



Occasionally and without warning you may have clients who are in some way affected by a sudden unexpected death and will come into contact with the coronial system. Inevitably this will occur at a time of overwhelming distress and confusion and for lay participants this can be a daunting experience. It can be a time when people need competent objective advice from a trusted source, against a quite urgent time frame.
Questions can arise which this seminar seeks to assist on such as:

  • when and why is a Coroner involved?
  • who are they and how do you contact them?
  • why are police involved and what is their role?
  • what is an Inquest?
  • what rights do I have?
  • what is a post-mortem examination, what does a pathologist do?
  • when and to whom will a body be released?
  • how can I find out what is going on?
  • what’s it all about?

Increasingly lawyers are becoming involved in the coronial system at various stages of the proceedings. Lawyers may appear in the quasi-prosecutorial role of Counsel to Assist, or as counsel for persons or organisations with concerns about or an interest in the outcome.

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