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Getting the Best from a Judicial Settlement Conference

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Helen Rice
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Published: 26 August, 2003
Pages: 40


Over the last decade, it could be argued, the legal profession has had a ring side seat at a spectacular and far reaching change to litigation practise. It could readily be argued that the growth of mediation and judge assisted settlement conferences, as formal avenues for the disposition of proceedings filed in the court have ousted courtroom advocacy in civil proceedings, and taken over as the dominant method of disposition of cases.

As this sea change has occurred, a new set of skills has become necessary. The skill set, and the judgment required in the courtroom differs vastly from the skill set and judgment needed to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by judicially assisted settlement conferences in particular.

The focus of this seminar is the judicial settlement conference. The conference environment, and a range of skills and techniques applicable in that environment will be identified and analysed. The advice and opinions advanced are those of the author, and are intended to be a starting point for the consideration of the means by which the best possible result is obtained from the judicial settlement conference forum.


Author(s): His Honour Judge Wolff, His Honour Judge Ingram

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