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Immigration and Protection Tribunal - best practice in appeals

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Melissa Poole Martin Treadwell
Melissa Poole
Deputy Chair
Immigration and Protection Tribunal
Martin Treadwell
Deputy Chair
Immigration and
Protection Tribunal

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Authors: Melissa Poole, Martin Treadwell
Published: 18 March 2014
Pages: 76  


The purpose of this book

Most counsel who work in the immigration field will be faced with having to lodge an appeal to the Tribunal from time to time. Our aim is to provide guidance on the most effective presentation of such appeals.

It is obviously impossible to provide a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of every conceivable type of appeal. There are, for example, no fewer than eight possible grounds for the deportation liability of a resident, some of which are so obscure that there is yet to be an appeal. What the authors hope to achieve is to provide insight into the obligations of counsel towards their clients and to the Tribunal and to give a strong picture of best practice in putting forward a client’s appeal, whether on the papers or by way of an oral hearing. The suggestions and advice herein have broad application and the philosophy behind them should be taken as informing every aspect of work before the Tribunal.

If even half of what we say here is taken up, the quality and efficiency of appeals will improve significantly. If, like us, you are concerned for the welfare and rights of claimants, you must agree that we should strive to that end.

Content outline

  • General matters relevant to all appeals
  • Refugee/protection appeals
  • Deportation appeals
  • Residence class visa appeals
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