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2. Identifying your learning needs and proposed actions


Learning needs

Now that you have chosen the format for your CPD plan and record you are ready to identify what you’re learning needs are.

A 'learning needs' assessment will help you identify what you might consider including in your CPDPR.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • what are my roles and responsibilities? -  ie are there any recent developments in my practice area that I should know about?
  • will my roles and responsibilities change in the coming CPD year, and if so, how?
  • what would I like to learn?
  • what skills would I like to develop?
  • what is holding me back?

A SWOT analysis is also a useful way to analyse your achievements, experiences, skills and qualities.  A SWOT analysis looks at your:
  • Strengths – what are you already doing well?
  • Weaknesses – what skills or qualities are you currently lacking?
  • Opportunities – what might help you develop some of your weaknesses into strengths?
  • Threats – what's stopping you achieving what you want?

This analysis will show you your areas of strength and skill, and help you identify potential knowledge gaps that you can work on as part of your CPD plan.  Apart from knowledge and procedural skills, also think about the other attributes required by a lawyer in your area of practice.

Find out more about conducting a personal SWOT analysis (external link)

Once you have identified your learning needs, record them in your CPDPR - be clear and specific.

Tip: Take the time to work through a SWOT analysis - it will give you a strong starting point.  


Proposed actions

Now you have identified your learning needs, think about what actions you will take to achieve them. Eg if your learning need is to 'improve my time management' your proposed action could be to find a course on time management.

To help you match your proposed actions with a suitable course, NZLS CLE courses are designed with stated 'learning objectives' which are listed on the course page for each programme and in the course brochure.

View the range of NZLS CLE courses

Tip: Look out for the learning objectives that are published for each course - these will help you choose suitable learning activities.  
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