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Warranties - post closing claims on Sale & Purchase Agreements 2023 - Online CPD

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Marika Eastwick-Field
Partner, Russell McVeagh
David Raudkivi
Partner, Russell McVeagh

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Online CPD Module

Presentation time: 120 minutes

This module will discuss representations, warranties and covenants in Sale & Purchase Agreements that are frequently the subject of post completion claims, how different liability regimes under the Sale & Purchase Agreement can impact on claims, the availability of statutory claims, and the use of warranty and indemnity insurance. The discussion will then move to procedural and substantive issues involved in pursuing and defending such claims, including the implications of warranty and indemnity insurance. This will assist practitioners who are involved in disputes, as well as those who advise on or negotiate Sale & Purchase Agreements.
This module is an updated version of the very well attended and received presentation on the same topic by the speakers that was offered as a webinar in March 2021 and addresses warranties in a business context.

This module will include:

  • Discussion of the role of representations and warranties in a sale & purchase context
  • Outline of the most common claims and learnings from case law
  • Discussion on types of liability and limiting that liability
  • Explanation of warranty and indemnity insurance
  • Analysis of warranty claims, including questions of breach, causation and loss
  • Procedural considerations and claims strategy
  • Strategies for managing risk and negotiation of warranties against a liability background.

Learning objectives

By completing this module you will gain:

  • A better understanding of how to best structure Sale & Purchase Agreements.
  • Practical tips on how to manage risks for your clients.
  • Knowledge on what to do when warranties are breached.

Electronic paper 

Authors: Marika Eastwick-Field, David Raudkivi
Published: 20 June 2023
Pages: 34


In this seminar we discuss post-closing claims under sale and purchase agreements, focusing in particular on claims for breach of representations and warranties.

We outline the purpose of representations and warranties and some of their common features, and strategies for limiting liability through qualifications against disclosure materials and negotiated limits on liability. We also discuss warranty and indemnity insurance and its benefits, as well as potential traps and pitfalls for negotiating parties.

In terms of claims, we undertake a survey of some of the more recent (and interesting) developments through the courts, focusing on questions of breach, causation, loss and some of the procedural considerations relevant to bringing a claim.

This seminar is an update of a seminar on the same topic presented in March 2019 and March 2021.

PowerPoint Presentation

These are the slides included in the presentation.

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