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E-dealing - an update on your compliance requirements

Robbie Muir  
Robbie Muir
Registrar-General of LINZ

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Published: 14 October, 2010
Pages: 62


The Landonline e-dealing system has been in operation since 2003. Having made the transition from the paper-based system, law firms are now well accustomed to registering land title transactions in a fully electronic environment. The convenience and efficiency of online registration is something we have come to expect and even take for granted. Internationally, New Zealand is recognised as a world leader in this area and ranks very highly in jurisdictional benchmarking comparisons of property registration systems.  

The integrity of the e-dealing system relies in part upon the professional responsibility of the lawyers and conveyancers who, by virtue of their occupational credentials, are entrusted with the authority to certify electronic land title transactions. It is therefore essential that high standards of practice are maintained in these matters.

The following material has been prepared as a ‘refresher’ on the key compliance requirements.

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