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Trust Account Supervisor Training Programme 2019

Trust Account Supervisor Training Programme 2019
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The Financial Assurance Scheme requires all practices operating a trust account to appoint a qualified Trust Account Supervisor. The Trust Account Supervisor may be a partner or director in a law firm, or a sole practitioner.

To become a Trust Account Supervisor you must pass the NZLS Trust Account Supervisor assessments. The assessments are limited to lawyers and are required under Regulation 19, Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Trust Account Regulations) 2008.

If you have previously completed the TAS course, you may wish to refer to Regulation 19(3) Lawyers and Conveyancers (Trust Account) regulations 2008 to assess whether you are eligible to complete only a ‘refresher’ course. For further information about refresher requirements please email trustaccountsupervisor@lawyerseducation.co.nz

Preparing for the assessment

The Training Programme consists of self-study learning modules that are designed to help you prepare for assessment.

It is recommended that candidates spend 40 to 50 hours completing the self-study learning material prior to the assessment day. You will also need to examine a trust account in operation and write a report outlining your observations, to be handed in before the assessment day.

The learning materials include background information, examples and practice exercises with answers. You prepare for the assessment day by working through the course materials in your own time and at your own pace.

The modules

  • Trust accounting requirements
  • Recording trust account transactions
  • Processing trust account transactions
  • Trust account reconciliation
  • Key internal controls of the trust account
  • Month end review of reports to the Law Society
  • Risk Management
  • Professional obligations when irregularities are suspected.
Presenter/Examiner: Philip Strang, NZLS Inspector, Christchurch
Auckland 1 16 April
Hamilton 18 July
Wellington 24 September
Auckland 2 5 November
Christchurch 12 November
freephone (within NZ)
0800 333 111


04 472 7837

04 463 2986
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