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The Commerce Act and Collusive Conduct - Webinar package

NZ $105.00
Mary-Anne Borrowdale David Peddie
Mary-Anne Borrowdale
General Counsel
Competition Branch
Commerce Commission
David Peddie
Competition Branch
Commerce Commission

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Webinar Archive Presentation

Presentation time: 1 hour

Collusive conduct is when competitors agree to limit competition.
These types of agreement damage the economy and impact on consumers, including businesses.
Collusive agreements may be formal, such as a contract, or very informal. An informal agreement may be evidenced by as little as a “nod and a wink”.
Financial penalties and reputational damage for participants can be severe.
This refresher will
  • help you recognise collusive behaviour
  • brief you on the Commerce Commission’s Leniency and Cooperation policies
  • explain how you can help your clients to develop a compliance programme. 

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Author: Mary-Anne Borrowdale and David Peddie
Published: 26 October, 2011
Pages: 61


The purpose of this webinar is to further understanding among non-specialist lawyers of the provisions of the Commerce Act 1986 which prohibit collusive agreements, and the work of the Commerce Commission to enforce these provisions.
This webinar is designed for general practitioners with no or incomplete knowledge of competition law who want to advise their clients on the boundaries of the collusive conduct prohibition. The webinar focuses on the particular elements which must be proven in order to establish a breach of s 27 via s 30 of the Commerce Act, as well as providing an overview of the Commerce Commission’s leniency programme.
The webinar will cover the following subjects in turn:
The Commerce Commission, its powers and approach to compliance
  • An overview of the Commission’s updated Leniency Policy;
  • The law:
​    - Collusive conduct – What is it?
    - Why are cartels harmful?
    - What are the elements requiring proof for s 30?
    - Exemptions under the Act.
    - Penalties/Settlements;
  • Protecting your client’s business – Compliance Programmes
Collusive conduct is often also referred to as cartel conduct. The words “cartel” and “collusive conduct” are used interchangeably in this booklet and during the webinar.


PowerPoint Presentation

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Number of Slides: 29


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