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Sale and Purchase of Apartments - what's trending now? - webinar package

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Debra Dorrington
Duncan Terris
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Webinar Archive Presentation

Presentation time: 60 minutes

Apartments provide the opportunity to purchase a property in a relatively central location and increasingly suits many people’s lifestyles.

To ensure you are aware of the latest issues and trends this webinar will highlight key issues to keep in mind to ensure your due diligence is up-to-date and completed satisfactorily.

The presenters will examine emerging trends, as well as key case law, and reflect on what these mean in practical terms for practitioners.

  • Insurance issues
  • Long-term maintenance funds
  • Units as part of hotel pools
  • How much information should lawyers get on settlement?

[Please note this is not a step through of all the things needed to undertake the sale and/or purchase of an apartment.]

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Authors: Debra Dorrington, Duncan Terris
Published: 5 March 2015
Pages: 38


New disclosure obligations on agents and the disclosure regime of the Unit Titles Act 2010 have changed the roles of agents and lawyers acting on the sale of properties. They have added new responsibilities. Complex resource consent conditions, regimes that introduce leasehold interests and public expectations of control on neighbourhood standards have all significantly increased the complexity of the sale and purchase process.

This paper aims to bring some stories from the front line about these complexities and how they impact on the sale and purchase of apartments. It may well raise more questions than answers. Its purpose is to pass on information learned from experience.

The paper draws on experiences from Christchurch where the Unit Titles Act has been examined in ways that have not been undertaken in other parts of New Zealand. It draws too on experience from Auckland where apartment living is common and increasing numbers of the properties transferred are unit titles. This paper deals with specific issues rather than providing an overview.

There will be many more issues that you may have come across. Feel free to forward your questions about what has been presented but also to send in your own stories of lessons that are worth learning.

PowerPoint Presentation

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