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Care and Protection Orders and CYFS - Webinar Package

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Dr Nicola Atwool Tracey Gunn
Dr Nicola Atwool
University of Otago
Tracey Gunn
Tracey Gunn Barrister

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Webinar Archive Presentation

Presentation time: 120 minutes

Care and protection cases can be problematical and lawyers need a good understanding of how the statute works and how it interlinks with the moving goalposts of CYFS policy. Lawyers need to understand the reality of issues for children in care and what happens when CYFS intervenes and why they intervene.

This seminar will provide you with practical hands-on advice for dealing with care and protection cases. You will learn how to identify which cases need to be challenged when a move to COCA is proposed and how to advocate effectively with CYFS. The seminar will build on some of the issues discussed in the 2010 seminar “CYFP work” and enable you to identify better ways of positioning yourself when working with CYFS to ensure a better outcome. Increase your knowledge of the key issues and better ways to secure a child’s future.

•    The beginnings
‒    uplifts
‒    proving the declaration - disclosure and discovery of file notes
‒    defending the declaration
‒    knowing your client
‒    family group conference advice
•    Placement
‒    how important is it
‒    natural family issues
‒    ongoing relationships
•    Permanency
‒    permanency order issues
‒    guardianship
‒    financial and legal implications of permanency
•    Legal Issues
‒    a general update of legal issues following on from 2010 seminar.

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Authors: Dr Nicola Atwool, Tracey Gunn
Published: 17 October, 2012
Pages: 76


The purpose of this paper is threefold:
  • To update Practitioners in terms of current practice and recent developments in the law relating to the Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act 1989.

  • To provide background information about issues and challenges when moving to permanency including:
- Why permanency is important
- A developmental perspective on the needs of children moving to permanency
- Challenges for caregivers
- The role of birth family and contact
  • To provide practical advice for Practitioners advising parents or caregivers, or when acting on behalf of children when permanency is being either contemplated or pursued.


PowerPoint Presentation

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Number of Slides: 73

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