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Technology for Conveyancers

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Author(s): Tim Jones, Kim Gordon
Published: 11 May, 1998
Pages: 133



In 1995 under the title of “Trends in Technology” a presentation was made to the New Zealand Law Society Property Law Conference which demonstrated various developments in technology in the legal workplace. In an introductory commentary to this presentation the advent of technology into the legal workplace was likened to a “wave”. In the last three years this wave has continued to build. Each year, new technological resources become available to the legal practitioner in every facet of the practice. The series of articles in Law Talk No 494 on Information Technology and the Law Practice bear testament to the increasing awareness by the law profession of technology and its many facets.

This seminar focuses on technological developments in the area of conveyancing and property practice. Its objectives are:
  • to raise awareness
  • to demonstrate currently available technologies
  • to preface future developments
  • to create discussion and debate
  • to engender interest in new developments.

Content outline

  • Structure of the presentation
  • The transaction
    • Finding the registered proprietor
    • Communicating with the registered proprietor
    • Drafting the agreement
    • Managing the file
    • Declaring the contract unconditional, creating the transfer and mortagage
    • Electronic settlement
    • Registration
  • Issues
    • Electronic contracting
    • Real-time settlements
    • Integrity of Torrens System
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