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Resource Management Act - emergent themes and available techniques

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Author(s): John Milligan, Don Turley
Published: 16 March, 1998
Pages: 109



The Resource Management Act 1991 is under a critical spotlight. The “teething stage” should be nearing an end. It is therefore appropriate, seven years on, to reflect on the Act in its present, much amended, state.

It is important to examine the underlying philosophy of the Act and at the same time address the key definitions and applications within that philosophy.

The Act’s philosophy and applications will soon come into more critical focus as the Environment Court deals with the wave of appeals against District and Regional Plans throughout the country.

The Act is repeatedly criticised. Yet is this criticism really justified? The Act’s success stories never attract the same publicity as do its perceived deficiencies. This seminar explores both the positives and the negatives of the Act’s workings.

Practical techniques available to practitioners under the present regime are a key focus of the seminar. These techniques enable the efficient processing of clients’ resource management issues under the Act.


Content outline

  • Emergent themes
  • Available techniques
    • Environment Court case management
    • Mediation in the environment Court
    • Notification v non-notification
    • Contaminated sites
    • Sentencing trends
    • Economic effects of activities
    • Due diligence defences
    • Environmental insurance
    • Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 ("HSNO Act")
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