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Choosing and Structuring Business Entities

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Author(s): Gary Crawford, Carl Rowling
Published: 11 August, 1998
Pages: 124



This seminar is designed to provide professional advisers with a broad overview of the issues, both from a legal and tax perspective, that should be considered when advising clients on the manner in which they carry on business. Given the breadth of the subject, both this booklet and seminar itself are necessarily pitched at a reasonably high level.

The starting point is a consideration of the choice of available legal vehicles for the conduct of business. Given the flexibility of these vehicles, the choices within choices become a fundamental issue. Moreover that same flexibility can often lead to a blurring of the distinctions between the various alternatives.

Formation issues, particularly initial documentation, are addressed. In some cases, such matters can be critical decisions that become very difficult to change sometime down the track.

Next we deal with various events and issues that will arise during the life of a business, from funding to the relationship between ownership and management, compliance, profit extraction and return of capital and disputes and crises.

Finally, we deal with legal and tax issues arising from growth and exit considerations.

To a significant degree, tax considerations will be a determining factor as regards to decisions to be made. Accordingly, those matters have been given special emphasis in this booklet.


Content outline

  • What's the choice?
  • Formation and documentation
  • Financing
  • Liabilities
  • Ownership/management
  • Extracting profits - return of capital
  • Legislative requirements - compliance
  • Disputes and crisis
  • Growth and exit
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