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Residential Property Transactions

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Authors: Lauchie Griffin, Nick Kearney, Michelle Moore, Duncan Terris
Published: 5 October 2017
Pages: 194


This booklet has been prepared as a resource for participants in the NZLS CLE entry level programme on residential conveyancing.

It is offered as basic background material and is drawn from many sources, which are acknowledged. Students and other users of the booklet are encouraged to refer to these sources for a fuller understanding of particular issues.

The topics chosen for inclusion in the booklet reflect, but are not limited to, the issues raised in the problem-solving exercises included in the teaching programme.

Please note that where the terms “ADLS/REINZ agreement” or “standard form agreement” are used in these materials they refer to the REINZ/ADLSi Agreement for Sale and Purchase form, Ninth Edition, 2012(5). It is acknowledged that many agreements used today are prepared after a property has sold at auction, and the clause numbering in the auction contract and the effect of the clauses themselves are different (ie there is no ability for the purchaser to requisition the title). Nevertheless, this booklet is prepared on the basis that the agreement is not one following an auction.

It also needs to be noted that although the REINZ/ADLSi Agreement for Sale and Purchase form, Ninth Edition, 2012(5) is the most common form of agreement used, there are still many agreements prepared that can contain minor variations to the clauses and terms in the standard form agreement, and clauses and terms that differ vastly from the standard form agreement.

Nick Kearney

Booklet updated May 2017

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