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Commerce on the Internet - the legal implications of the internet

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Author(s): David Patterson, Casey Plunket, Michael Wigley, David Goddard, Graham Greenleaf, Andrew Brown, Peter Dengate Thrush, Cathie Harrison, Paul Heath QC, Jim Higgins, Craig Horrocks, Elizabeth Longworth, Dr Henry Wolfe
Published: 5 November, 1998
Pages: 253


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Content outline

  • The internet - structure and law
  • Regulating cyberspace: code vs law?
  • Setting up commercial sites on the web
  • Internet commerce/copyright
  • The nature of domain names
  • Risk and compliance - the New Zealand dimension
  • Private international law
  • Issues of contract formation
  • The law commission project: developing a New Zealand legal infrastructure
  • Tax aspects of electronic commerce for New Zealand business
  • Protecting security and confidentiality on the internet
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