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The Organic Apple Orchard

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Author(s): Sarah Templeton, Catriona MacLennan
Published: 1 June, 2001
Pages: TBC

This case is set in the context of a law firm acting for the purchasers of an apple orchard. The story begins as Philippa Dewhurst, a young staff solicitor, is left to complete the settlement. She is pressured by one of the clients, who wants immediate settlement. Then she is the unwitting recipient of some very disturbing news ...

To act ethically is to practise in accordance with the Rules of Professional Conduct. However, those Rules are a minimum code. Acting ethically also means making those decisions which are good for your client, yet which enable you to discharge your duties to the court and preserve your personal integrity.

Often the issues are not black and white, but varying shades of grey. This makes deciding on the proper course of action difficult. There may be no clear answers and no obvious sources of assistance. Although the Rules are general in nature and may not provide sufficiently detailed guidance, there are significant sanctions for practitioners who fail to act ethically.

Recognising the significance of ethics in everyday practice, rather than seeking help only in a time of crisis, ensures that practitioners are equipped to cope with the dilemmas they will encounter in practice. Different lawyers will wish to handle situations in different ways - yet each could be acting ethically.

Participants will have the opportunity to

  • identify a range of common ethical dilemmas as they arise, in the context of a realistic situation that has been produced on video
  • discuss when and why such situations are likely to arise
  • consider how to resolve them in an appropriate and realistic manner

What the course contains

  • a videotaped case study
  • a discussion leader's guide
  • brief preparatory material and a coure outline for participants
  • follow-up material for participants for further reading or to use as reference material

How it works

  • Participants will view the case study with the discussion leader who will stop the story at set intervals to discuss the issues as set out in the discussion leader's guide.
  • It is intended for a single two-hour session, but it could be lengthened, shortened, or split into two sessions depending on the time available and the needs of the participants

Who is it for

  • This course is for use with large and small groups, or by individuals. While it is particularly suitable for in-house training, it could also be used in district law society or bar association seminars and meetings
  • The course is designed for property lawyers in particular, both experienced and inexperienced, but it touches on wider questions of concern to all lawyers. Some legal executives could also benefit from it.

Comments about the course

“A practical, easy to run workshop which greatly raised awareness of a difficult area which often receives less attention than it should in a busy practice. Without doubt, all practitioners would benefit from the workshop, and firms would also find it a useful team-building exercise.”

Julian Clarke, Cavell Leitch Pringle & Boyle, Christchurch

“I found the fact situation realistic and very pertinent to everyday property transactions. The package is a valuable engine for discussion, and is applicable to practitioners at all levels of experience. It is a reminder to partners and supervisers that these issues need to be dealt with properly when supervising staff. It also reminds staff that they should know their limits and seek help when necessary.”

Tim Jones, partner, Glaister Ennor, Auckland

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